First large claim in more than 25 years as policyholder. The claims staff were very professional in their communications a very helpful, and, claim was resolved in less than three weeks following my accident. We are extremely pleased with ISU and staff at Safeco!

Robert H., customer since 2003

Cecilia West has the cutest dog.

Jimmy Y., customer since 2019

always there when I need you

Matthew K., customer since 2008

When issues have come up, I always get a quick and through response.

Carl J., customer since 1995

Pearl Navarro is always friendly and helpful and willing to do research to compare policies to help me save on premiums. If my renewal policy rates increase, she explains the reasons why in a clear and understandable manner. I’ve worked with her for years and hope to continue for a long time to come.

Customer since 1995

You kept in touch with us ! We are now living in Napa, CA in a Retirement Residence, The Meadows of Napa Valley. You have helped us with our insurance needs in transferring from our home in Piedmont, CA.

Paul G., customer since 1995

Diane Kirsch responds very fast and is very knowledgeable

Anthony G., customer since 2015

I find Pearl very helpful, available, and she works hard to get me the best insurance possible at the best price. She is clear, informative, and smart.

Margaret L., customer since 2019

Well you have Cecilia West who is the best insurance agent I have ever had…. oh yes… and I have had a few in my 62 years on the planet! … Cecilia always takes the best possible care of me and makes sure that I have the best coverage in every situation… from my car to my homes! Erela Collins

Erela C., customer since 1996

My agent Diane Kirsch responds quickly to any question I have and provides clear and thorough information. She has been my Agent for many years and I would recommend her gladly to anyone who asks.

Eleanor K., customer since 1995

Knowledgable, friendly and helpful;. The service is great and we have choices presented to us to make the best decisions about our insurance coverage. We have been clients of ISU for a long time. Cecilia West has been “the best” agent we could have hoped for.

Mike's C., customer since 2003