Our Knowledge is Your Best Insurance™

Being an independent Agent and a Member of the ISU Insurance Agency Network, the largest independently owned network exclusively for Independent Agents, we bring to you, your family and your business the strengths and resources of a national organization – access to the experience and knowledge of over 4500 professionals in 285 offices representing over 350 insurance companies coast to coast combined with our local presence in your community, our independence and the very high level of client services you expect – with ISU you benefit from the best of both worlds.

ISU professionals are highly educated and knowledgeable in the technicalities of insurance coverages and continually study to remain licensed to practice insurance in your jurisdiction. ISU’s extensive knowledge base helps to instantaneously find ISU teammates who are the most knowledgeable with the types of exposures your business or family face daily and which carriers might be the best match to protect your assets and liabilities at the best price. ISU professionals utilize this combined knowledge and experience to regularly consult with you to always be aware of changing needs and exposures to assure we completely understand your changing objectives and the exposures you face as a business, an individual or as a family.

Once your objectives are completely understood we apply our superior knowledge of and access to over 350 carriers to electronically search the carrier marketplace for your best coverage, best service and best pricing using web-based ISU Policy Placement Advisor. We perform this process annually to assure you receive the best value year after year.

We all know how complicated, frustrating and confusing the process of risk assessment and selection of the appropriate coverages with the best carries can be … Trust your ISU professional to protect your assets and understand, Our Knowledge is Your Best Insurance™